What is Self-Pay and How Does it Work?

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What is Self-Pay and How Does it Work?

The cost of healthcare in the United States is constantly escalating. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that an average family of four devotes 12% of their yearly income to medical services. Despite this, the majority of employed Americans still prefer to have a health insurance plan backed by their employer. However, many people are beginning to investigate alternative methods of paying for healthcare expenses. One of the newer options is self-pay.

“If you choose to “self-pay” for your medical services, you pay the provider directly without involving a health insurance company. The provider usually offers a discounted rate compared to what is billed to an insurance company. Payment for the services is usually due in advance or at the time of the appointment.


Benefits of Self-Pay for Patients with Insurance

While health insurance has its benefits, many people are turning to cash payment options for several reasons:

  • No referrals or authorizations needed – Patients are free to choose their providers, rather than just having to work with “in-network” providers or in-network restrictions when trying to get healthcare.


  • No restricted treatment options – Certain medical procedures and therapies may not be covered by insurance. Self-pay options allow patients to finance these treatments, often at a much lower cost than health insurance companies charge.


  • No limit of sessions – Some insurance providers may limit the number of medical sessions they cover, affecting the quality of care for patients. Self-pay options allow patients to pay for these additional treatments themselves.


  • No appointment option limits – Certain insurance policies may not cover appointment options such as telemedicine. Self-pay options allow patients to choose the type and location of their appointment options.


  • Transparent billing – Patient dissatisfaction with health insurers continues to grow because complications often arise when billing for medical services. Multiple provider bills for the same treatment, unexpected billing, post-surgery insurance denials, and lack of coordination between healthcare providers and insurance companies are examples of significantly reduced billing complications for self-pay patients.


  • Self-reliance – With easy access to the internet, people are actively seeking standardized health care at reasonable out-of-pocket rates, eliminating reliance on onerous insurance policies.


If you currently have health insurance, there are still ways to take advantage of copays.

  • Avoid a high-deductible healthcare plan – If you are unable to pay your insurance claim deductible, Self Pay provides an option that will not delay treatment/health care.


  • Evaluate different costs for services – Certain treatments and procedures may not be covered by insurance, or may be prohibitively expensive due to deductibles. Self-pay features allow patients to research and evaluate medical costs in advance, then choose the option that best fits their budget.

Benefits of Self-Pay for Non-Insured Patients

Self-pay health options provide uninsured patients the same quality of care as those with health insurance plans. Self-pay care also provides additional benefits, including:

  • No Gatekeeper – Self-payers eliminate gatekeepers (any person, department, or company that can make decisions about a patient’s healthcare) and give patients freedom of choice in their healthcare decisions.
  • No hidden costs – Self-pay medical billing offers transparent upfront pricing and significantly reduces the likelihood of unexpected/unresolved charges.
  • Time-saving – Self-payers do not have to wait for lengthy health insurance approvals before receiving medical care/treatment. They can choose the treatment provider and time frame that works best for them.
  • No restrictions on benefits – Self-payers do not have to deal with restrictions, conditions, or “in-network” designations when selecting a service provider.


Reliance Primary and Urgent Care’s Competitive Self-Pay Rates

Reliance Primary and Urgent Care is a leading healthcare provider in Jacksonville, FL, offering competitive healthcare rates for emergency medical services and diagnostic options at our walk-in medical center.

Here are several common diagnostic/testing options we provide at affordable self-pay rates:

  • COVID-19 Testing (Rapid PCR and RAPID ANTIGEN tests available)
  • Flu Tests
  • X Rays

Urgent Medical Care Services

For self-pay patients, it’s important to understand that payment policies and service rates vary from provider to provider so getting financial details in advance of receiving medical services is recommended. For current pay-as-you-go rates for x-rays, flu testing, cough/cold/flu treatment, strains/sprains/broken bones, and telehealth visits, please call our office at 904-687-1055 to speak to one of our billing experts.


If you live in Jacksonville or the Florida area and need urgent medical care, Reliance Primary and Urgent Care is here to help you and your family. Our clinic hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and the second Saturday of each month, 10 am to 2 pm. We offer scheduled and scheduled appointments, and you can even schedule telehealth visits, giving you even more scheduling flexibility.

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