Getting your annual physical and wellness exams is considered one of the best ways to care for your overall health. At Reliance Primary & Urgent Care, we provide regular and same-day appointments that are timely and easily accessible for people throughout the Jacksonville, FL, area.

Annual Physicals and Wellness Exams at Reliance Primary & Urgent Care

If it’s time for your annual physical or you need a wellness exam, then our clinic can provide physicals and wellness exams that are convenient and affordable. As preventative care is a vital part of modern medicine, both exams allow our physicians to detect signs of disease early on and treat them before they become severe or chronic. However, both work towards two completely different reasons:

Annual Physicals

Annual physicals work to provide a full assessment of your body’s health. Physicals are used to look for health problems and are a complete assessment of your body’s performance, including extensive lab testing and checkups. The purpose of annual physicals is to observe health problems to create a starting point for treatment. During your annual physical, Dr. Patel will gauge how your body’s performing by:

  • Review medical and family history
  • Performing lab and screening tests
  • Measuring height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Visually check for existing health issues
  • Test areas of the body for abnormalities
  • Assess risk factors for preventable diseases

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams focus on your health and well-being and work to assess your current condition in relation to your prevention and treatment plans. They provide ways to manage health conditions by offering routine visits with your doctor. During your wellness visit, Dr. Patel will combine information from your previous visits to gauge your risks for preventable health problems and, based on that information, review and form treatment plans for your health. Throughout the exam, Dr. Patel will perform various activities, including:

  • Review Your Health Risk Assessments
  • Review current prescriptions and treatments
  • Measure height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Document family history and risk factors
  • Develop screening schedules for preventative services
  • Provide personalized advice and lifestyle changes

Because of this, physicals and wellness exams can help you by giving you an early start on taking care of your health. Dr. Patel can provide these exams for patients throughout Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas. Through routine physicals and wellness exams, these appointments allow our team to track any changes to your physical and emotional health and provide treatment options as needed.

We accept most major healthcare insurance, and for those who don’t have insurance, we also provide self-pay options for more affordable appointments.

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Take care of your health by scheduling a wellness checkup or annual physical with Reliance Primary & Urgent Care today. Under Dr. Patel’s care, we can treat acute and chronic health conditions to improve your quality of life and keep you healthy. If you want to learn more about our wellness and exam services, make sure to schedule an appointment with us today!